What’s in my bag?

I love this type of post, because deep down I’m nosy as hell and I really like seeing what other people carry around with them. It’s fascinating sometimes, and you can really get an insight into what somebody is like when they show you the inside of their bag. So I thought I’d give it a go myself. Bear in mind that I’m poor as heck, and so don’t have anything too fancy/new.


  1. This is the bag itself. The infamous holder of all things Iona. I’ve had it for just over six years now, and I bought it way back in 2010 because I wanted a decent, hardy bag that could handle carrying my books that I’d need at college. I bought it at Topshop, for (I think?) around £30. Admittedly, like everything else in my bag, it’s falling apart, but it’s still strong enough for daily tasks, and I’m quite attached to it at this point.
  2. My purse. I used to love the little purses that are half the size of this one and have to fold out in order to fit £5 notes in full. But after a while I got annoyed with just how little change you could fit in without it getting bulky, so I switched to this longer one, from Claire’s Accessories.
  3. These little knick-knacks are from the front pockets. Two pens, because you can always guarantee that one will run out; my phone, which I hardly ever use now, and is just under a decade old; my keys, or key singular, because I only need one (it has a cute picture of Tigger); and tangled up earphones for my phone which, again, I hardly ever use.
  4. I bought these headphones really cheap from Amazon a year ago, because I needed over-the-ear ones for my Journalism course. They’ve lasted me so far with no issues, they give a great sound quality, and they fold up! Next to the headphones is the bashed up case for my iPad mini, which I’ve had for around four years, and which i used to take the picture, so it’s not in the photo itself.
  5. This little case is something I’ve had for longer than I can remember, and I had always used it just to keep little pieces of jewellery safe. But I switched a while back to keeping it in my bag. In it, I keep deodorant; a nail file; a cute little Green Day compact; tweezers; a little blue tin of lip balm from Fat Face; tampons; and one of my favourite things, the silver leaf. It hooks onto a necklace chain, and folds out into a little blade (self-defence is cool, y’all). The little pink penguin just hangs out freely in my bag because it doesn’t fit in the case. It holds some really nice hand cream that I use a lot because my hands get ridiculously dry sometimes.
  6. Last, but not least, is a little notebook that I keep on hand. I’m currently learning Russian, so it has a lot of simple words and phrases that I can look over when I’m waiting for something.

So that’s my bag! Simple, but pretty handy. Do you have similar things in yours, or something completely different? Let me know in the comments!

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