The Northern Writer

My four favourite self-care activities

In the mental health community, self-care is incredibly important. It can give you time to regroup, relax, and take your mind off everything that’s worrying you. There are some, usually the same people who make fun of safe spaces, who think that self-care is selfish and pointless. But if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know just how helpful it can be to maintain a calm mindset. Here are my favourite things to do when I’m after a little time to myself.

  1. Pamper. I’m definitely not a bath person. The thought of sitting in dirty water isn’t appealing to me. Not to mention that once I’m in, I’ll stay there until the water is freezing cold! So I’m a shower girl. Usually I’ll just do whatever I need to do, but when I need a little self-care I’ll take all of my lotions and potions and really make the most of it. I’ll shave everything; I’ll scrub everything; I’ll wash and moisturise; I’ll buff and brush. My favourite products for this are almost all Soap & Glory! It’s amazing how relaxed you feel after taking care of your body to the fullest extent.
  2. Media. Need to distract yourself? Pick a movie, or a series, and binge the hell out of it! I’ve worked my way through most of Netflix by using this method. Not only do you spend the time watching it distracted, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll also spend hours afterwards coming up with theories, and head-canons.
  3. Fresh air. This changes a lot, because some days I really can’t bring myself to leave the house at all, let alone go on a long walk. But on the days that I do manage to drag myself out of bed and take my dogs on a walk, I find myself enjoying it so much. Find a walkway/path that isn’t very busy, and is pretty in the sunshine, and go for a wander! Explore the little paths and tunnels that you hadn’t noticed before.
  4. Animals. I have two dogs who mean absolutely everything to me, and when all else fails, they’re right there to take care of me. I love nothing more than laying on the sofa with them stretched out across my chest and stomach. Bonus points if they dream and bark in their sleep. There’s nothing cuter!